Cohesive Karaoke is without a doubt a unique and exciting concept that your clients will absolutely love. A direct off-shoot of one and only Seattle Karaoke League, Cohesive Karaoke pits various teams against one another in a tournament, bracket-style competition. Over the course of several songs, teams put their best feet forward as they battle to conquest at karaoke. Along the way, entrants are judged and scored on vocal ability, creativity and overall performance quality. But while there will always be hit singles, only one team can dominate the charts when the numbers are in...


Its founder, KJ Rio Ventura, is an icon in the Seattle karaoke community. A professional host now for over a decade (also known as a “KJ”, short for ‘karaoke jockey’), Ventura has been one of Seattle's most sought after talents. For two consecutive years, her show was declared Best Karaoke in downtown Seattle by Seattle Weekly, and in 2015 she co-founded the Seattle Karaoke League which is about to kick off its sixth epic season.


With a variety of competitions to choose from,

Cohesive Karaoke is the perfect way to bring your employees together in a team bonding environment that will unlock hidden potential and do more for your company than you can imagine. Put the power of music to work for you - choose Cohesive Karaoke and watch what happens next...



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